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The 3-IN-1 Tax App: Salary Calculator. VAT Calculator. Pocket Tax Tables.

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PLEASE NOTE: In rare cases, the app may crash after updating to version 11. If this happens to you, please can you delete the app and reinstall it. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Tax Tool is designed for UK taxpayers in paid employment, using the Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) system of automatic tax deduction. It’s a ‘ready reckoner’ in your pocket.

The app was inspired by the quality of Apple's own apps. It was designed to be comprehensive, but also to be very easy to use and input information, with immediate results.

Choose to enter as much or as little as you want: accuracy is improved if you enter more information and if you enter your Tax Code, but it still gives a useful rough guide if you enter none of these.

A key feature is that it can perform reverse salary calculations. You can enter your desired take-home pay (what you need to receive, after payroll taxes are deducted, to cover your everyday lifestyle) and Tax Tool will instantly work out the salary needed to achieve that target. You can easily flip between these to work out net pay from gross salary or vice-versa.

The app also performs forward and reverse UK VAT calculations, and contains a handy reference for UK tax rates, limits and allowances.

Quick and simple: this is not designed to be a replacement for a full tax return (it doesn’t ask for full details on all your financial affairs), but it does provide a quick and useful estimate of the amount you will receive in your pay packet.


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